HP s Mixed Reality Headset Gets Ready For Holiday Wish Lists

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Since these are just prototype headsets and the work's in the research stage, that vision is some way off. So don't expect to spend all day in VR meetings any time soon, unless your boss or client is a sadist.

"In some examples, [the] computing device may take the form of a gaming console, and [the head-mounted display] and peripheral control devices [...] may be peripheral to the gaming console," it wrote in the filing, while the illustrations depict an Xbox as well as a Kinect.

Of course, a patent isn't confirmation in any way that Microsoft is working on such a floor mat or that it's bringing VR to the next Xbox, codenamed Project Scarlett. But it's at least considering the possibilities. A patent filing is just an early step towards a potential floor mat that could rumble while you play Gears of War 6 in VR while keeping you a little safer.

The advancements Facebook made with Half Dome 3 seem much more substantial. The varifocal system in that headset ditches the moving mechanical parts for an electronic version, which is a big contributing factor in making Half Dome 3 even smaller than the other prototypes while eliminating noise and vibrations.

The United States began imposing 15% tariffs on a variety of Chinese goods on Sunday - including footwear, smart watches and flat-panel televisions - and China began imposing new duties on U.S. crude, the latest escalation in protracted dispute.

-text c-gray-1" >Facebook might have had plenty to share about its immediate VR future at Oculus Connect 6, but it's looking even further ahead. Michael Abrash, Facebook's Reality Lab chief scientist, discussed two newer versions of the Half Dome prototype Facebook revealed last year, which uses moving lenses to sharpen focus.

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Additionally, Facebook is bringing over Oculus Go titles to the Quest, starting with 50 Go apps next week. You'll also be able to upgrade to the Quest versions of any apps you've purchased on the Go until the end of the year. (Honestly, that's something Facebook should offer indefinitely.)

Sarah Tew/CNET Both the Acer and HP models are available to preorder now as "developer edition" models, which means they're intended for people who want to create virtual- and mixed-reality experiences, and they're not really ready for general consumer use yet. The Acer headset developer edition is $299 (equivalent to £231 or AU$400), and the HP is $329.

The application also discusses markers for a start position you'd stand on before hopping into VR as well as pressure sensors for the mat. In addition, Microsoft suggests it could provide haptic feedback through vibrations.

If you reckon you wouldn't have sufficient square footage for the mat in your gaming space, Microsoft might have an answer for that. One idea the patent spells out is that the mat may be available as interlocking floor tiles, so you could set it up as you please.

This definitely isn't as economical as Netflix if you're interested in sheer quantity -- many new movie rentals are $6 each. If you prefer the isolation of VR to the 'public' viewing experience of your TV or tablet, though, this might be one of your better options.

Half Dome 2 is a smaller and lighter version of that -- it weighs 200 grams less than its predecessor. While it has a narrower field of vision than the previous prototype (which had a 140-degree FOV), it's still 20 percent wider than that of Oculus Quest. The varifocal system uses voice coil actuators and flexure hinge arrays. Compared with the original Half Dome, the parts are quieter, have less friction and are more durable.

With six liquid crystal lenses, the system can cycle through 64 focal planes (the number doubles with each additional lens) for smooth transitions between focal depths. When a lens is off, it's focused on a distant object i.e. the plant in the below GIF. If it's on, denoted in this case by appearing in orange, it's focusing on a closer object -- the dinosaur.

-text c-gray-1" >If being able to use the Oculus Quest as a PC VR headset wasn't exciting enough, Facebook is also adding some other new features soon. First up, the Quest will get Oculus Passthrough+, which lets you see a stereoscopic view of the outside world whenever you hit the borders of your playspace. It's something that the Rift S already offers, and it'll be a huge improvement over the flat, If you enjoyed this information and you would such as to obtain even more information regarding vive price kindly go to our site. 2D version of Passthrough currently on the Quest. You'll also be able to activate that feature anytime with Passthrough "on demand," a new feature coming late this year, that'll let you get a glimpse of your surroundings whenever you want.